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Bitcoin: neighborhood quarrel between a Chinese miner and a nuclear missile base in Wyoming


Mining and neighborhood. The strange story that the American press tells us today takes place at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, in the small town of Cheyenne, on the borders of Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska. It is in this town of 65,000 inhabitants that the company MineOne Cloud Computing Investment bought land in 2022 with the idea of ​​developing data centers there, but this project will probably never see the light of day. For what ? Because this company is majority-owned by Chinese interests and the property in question is located near an Air Force base and in particular a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile launch site. For the White House, this situation is untenable and China’s presence there clearly threatens national security, hence the triggering of an exceptional expulsion measure by the United States of America. Explanations.

The society MineOne Partners Limited acquires land near a US military base

At the start of this affair, there is therefore the company MineOne Cloud Computing Investment which completely legally acquires a property in the small town of Cheyenne in 2022 to set up data storage activities there. At that time, the fact that the company was majority owned by Chinese funds however, moves the neighbor Microsoft which calls upon the body responsible for monitoring foreign investments in the country: the CFIUS (For Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) which is under the authority of Treasury Department. The software giant then alerted the authorities to the risks linked to the proximity of this Chinese entity to its own installations and the CFIUS opened an investigation.

However, in the neighborhood Microsoft is not the only one that could have a problem with the company since in the city there is also an air force base and its launchers Minuteman III : an intercontinental ballistic missile with an American thermonuclear warhead. And that’s a problem of another kind! But while investigations are underway, MineOne Cloud Computing Investment will make modifications to the site to be able to host cryptocurrency mining installations and this is the straw that will break the camel’s back.

In Cheyenne, Wyoming, a company majority-owned by Chinese interests has acquired land to set up data centers and cryptocurrency mining units.  But near the factory there is a US Air Force base with nuclear missiles and that is a big problem for the White House which has just ordered the company to leave.
The United States does not accept that a Chinese installation is too close to an Air Force base on American territory.

And that doesn’t please the White House, which wants to oust her to preserve national security!

CFIUS will then issue a negative review on the operation and it is the Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellenwhich will publish a press release on May 13 to highlight the risks inherent to this foreign presence on American soil:

“CFIUS has identified risks to national security (…) linked to the presence on the property of specialized equipment used to conduct cryptocurrency mining operations, some of which is foreign-sourced and presents significant national security concerns. The proximity of the foreign-owned cryptocurrency mining facility to a strategic missile base (…) as well as the presence of specialized equipment of foreign origin potentially capable of facilitating surveillance and espionage activities, presented a significant risk to national security which led to the referral to the President by CFIUS. »

Janet Yellen, US Treasury Secretary, in the press release – Source: home.treasury.gov

The Department ultimately requires the company to vacate the property in the name superior interests of the Nation and recalls in passing the importance of its control body:

“Today’s order (…) underscores President Biden’s unwavering commitment to protecting the national security of the United States. It also highlights the very important gatekeeper role of CFIUS in ensuring that foreign investments do not undermine our national security and particularly with respect to transactions that pose a risk to sensitive U.S. military installations as well as those involving equipment and specialized technologies. »

Janet Yellen, US Treasury Secretary in the press release – Source: home.treasury.gov

The company must ultimately resell the property within 120 days from May 13 and is not allowed to transfer the land to a third party. Was the company really planning to use its facilities to listen to the Americans and thus serve Beijing’s interests? It is obviously impossible to know, but when in doubt, Uncle Sam said no! One more episode in the tepid war between the United States and China through intermediary companies, against a backdrop of global tensions in Taiwan, Ukraine and elsewhere.


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