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Bitcoin will surpass gold in 5 years, says expert


In a period of no more than 5 years, Bitcoin will surpass gold as the most valuable asset in the world thanks to its characteristics. This is the opinion of investor and expert, Rajat Soni, who believes that the capitalization of gold is uncertain and based on an illusion.

In a publication At X, the investor puts more fuel into this passionate debate about which is the most important asset. He emphasizes that no one knows the exact amount of gold there is in the world. In that sense, its approximate market capitalization of $15 trillion is something no one can be sure of.

Thus, investors keep it in first place out of habit. However, the analyst believes that the value of the gold metal does not depend at all on its industrial utility or other uses it may have. On the contrary, he highlights that the real reason behind the value of gold is the illusion that it will be worth more in the future. When that illusion collides with reality, for many investors it will be too late, alert.

He adds that this is a process that is already underway and can be seen in the value of gold with respect to BTC. He comments that in times past an ounce of gold was worth 600 times more than 1 BTC. Now the reality is that one ounce of gold is equivalent to 0.03 BTC.

Gold is doomed to succumb to Bitcoin

Just as the young alpha male challenges the dominant old man in a pride of lions, BTC does so with the gold metal. With less force, the old man is doomed to succumb, and that is the way in which Bitcoin will surpass gold. At least that’s what enthusiasts of the largest cryptocurrency assume.

Soni highlights that people with capital saved in gold are, without realizing it, transferring their wealth to a BTC holder. She admits that she feels bad for people with small capitals who still think gold is the strongest form of asset out there. «That’s why I try to tell as many people as possible what’s happening.», he comments.

«Once you understand how Bitcoin works, you realize that fiat money and gold are simply placeholders for Bitcoin.», emphasizes the investor.

An ounce of gold will soon cost 0.01 BTC. Then in a few years 0.001 BTC and then a few years later 0.0001 BTC. In about 15 years, Bitcoin will take the place of gold as the most valuable asset in the world.

Although he places the date of the overthrow at 15 years in the aforementioned publication, in a response to a follower he reduces the time to 5 years. In another aside he ironically states that soon 600 ounces of gold will cost $600 dollars.

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