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Cryptocurrencies, young people and politics: A new electoral paradigm?


By DailyBitcoin @diariobitcoin

Rodrigo Durán Guzmán, CryptoMKT Communications Director, reflects on the political inclinations of young cryptocurrency investors.


There is no doubt that the advancement and development of technology has generated a series of changes not only demographic, but also sociocultural, economic, migratory and financial. In this sense, cryptocurrencies are part of the DNA, of roots and belonging, of the age group mainly between 18 and 30 years old. And it is precisely among young people where the electoral political paradigm could change as they pay more and more attention to what those who aspire to positions of popular representation mention in their respective programs. This is how we can already observe trends in Asia, Europe and the United States. In Latin America, countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina lead development and financial openness, while others in the region are still taking their first steps.

What we must keep in mind is that the relationship between the decision-making of young voters in political elections and their status as cryptocurrency users can be complex and varied, since it involves a combination of political, economic and technological factors. For example, young voters who are cryptocurrency users may be influenced by specific political ideologies that promote decentralization and individual freedom, values ​​that are often associated with cryptocurrency use. This could influence their electoral decisions, favoring candidates or parties that advocate for policies that support blockchain technology and innovation in the cryptocurrency space.

Another important aspect is related to government policies around cryptocurrencies, since the user community could favor candidates or parties that advocate for more lax or friendly regulations with this type of asset, while other non-affiliated groups could support those leaders who promote stricter regulation to address concerns such as money laundering or tax evasion, among others.

One aspect that stands out among young voters who own cryptocurrencies is that they may have direct economic interests depending on the fiscal and economic policies proposed by the candidates. For example, they may favor those who promote policies that encourage the adoption and growth of cryptocurrencies, which could benefit their investments and the broader ecosystem.

Finally, another relevant aspect is that young cryptocurrency users value transparency and technological innovation in politics in a similar way as they do in the world of digital currencies. They can support candidates who use blockchain technology or other technological tools to increase transparency and citizen participation in the political process.

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Article from Rodrigo Durán Guzmán, CryptoMKT Communications Director

Image by CryptoMKT

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