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Information about 99Bitcoins, Sealana and Co.


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Historically, crypto presales, new coins and smaller cryptocurrencies benefit when risk appetite among investors increases. These market segments offer higher potential returns but also involve greater risks, making them particularly attractive to speculative investors. In times of increasing risk appetite, investors are more willing to invest in less established and therefore more volatile cryptocurrencies. They hope for quick and high profits. Nevertheless, the risks of crypto presales are also increasing. The following three projects are currently rapidly increasing their popularity and are experiencing dynamic advance sales.


99Bitcoins offers real benefits based on the innovative Learn-2-Earn approach. This approach combines financial education with the opportunity to earn rewards by learning crypto knowledge. Purchasing 99BTC in the presale not only gives investors access to this educational model, but also offers the chance to expand their portfolio through active knowledge acquisition.

The response to the project so far reflects its potential. Over a million US dollars were quickly raised during presales, a clear indication of the commitment and trust of the community. The success of the presales clearly sets 99Bitcoins apart from other smaller projects that rarely achieve comparable amounts. There is also already an established community of 700,000 subscribers on YouTube. 99Bitcoins has built a good reputation here.

99Bitcoins’ approach to learning represents a natural evolution of the popular Play-2-Earn concept, expanding opportunities for investors and creating meaningful value. By directly applying the knowledge gained, investors can make more informed investment decisions. In addition, this model lowers the barriers to entry into the crypto market, increases understanding of the matter and, at best, promotes long-term participation in the market. Users benefit from the opportunity to receive 99BTC tokens directly into their wallets through their active participation in the community and through progress in the learning offering. These tokens can be redeemed for various rewards, such as access to exclusive content or discounts at partner companies.

For anyone considering investing in 99Bitcoins, the carefully developed roadmap and dynamic community offer exciting insights. Anyone who is interested in Learn-2-Earn as the next crypto trend and finds 99Bitcoins exciting could take a closer look at 99BTC in May 2024. Thanks to gradual price increases in the presale, early investors can build up book profits.

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The recently launched Sealana presale, inspired by the iconic Gamer Guy character from “South Park,” has already raised over $300,000 in its first week. This certainly shows the momentum that Sealana is building in the memecoin sector. Sealana says she reflects the image of the modern, everyday American who humorously navigates the world of internet memes and digital culture. This is how the team describes Sealana as follows:

This is Sealana, the chubby seal that lives deep in Lake Solana. She’s so immersed in the crypto rapier market that she’s given up her gorgeous youthful figure in favor of a diet of chips and canned tuna. Their obsession with finding Solana’s next big memecoin keeps the pinballers busy and their living room in chaos.

The simple investment model, in which investors participate by transferring SOL, has been trendy recently. Send-to-presales seem simple and exciting. Investors can easily participate in the presale to receive 6,900 SEAL tokens per SOL sent. These will then be distributed via airdrop after the ICO.



Linking to the Solana blockchain offers technical advantages such as high transaction speeds and low fees, making Sealana attractive to investors looking for a memecoin with an original and engaging backstory.

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In the dynamic cryptocurrency environment, memecoins and artificial intelligence-based cryptocurrencies were the dominant trends in early 2024. The combination of these two strong segments obviously offers enormous potential. Projects that combine the ease and viral nature of memecoins with the advanced technology of artificial intelligence have hype potential in 2024. This is exactly what WienerAI is counting on and wants to be much more than a memecoin. Because WAI positions itself as an AI coin with viral meme branding.

The new project integrates AI-powered algorithms with the entertainment value of memecoins and is aimed at a broad class of investors who value technological progress as much as entertainment. WienerAI stands out because of its uniqueness and promises to offer both the functionality of an advanced trading bot and to integrate humorous and engaging aspects. At the same time, according to the website, the project attaches great importance to constantly developing in a technology-neutral manner in order to serve current trends as a trading bot.



The successful start of presales, which quickly raised over $1.25 million, shows the market interest. WienerAI represents an exciting fusion of trends. At the same time, early adopters can expect book profits and high three-digit staking returns in the presale thanks to price increases.

To the WienerAI presale

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