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Jump the frog! $PEPE surges 30% as $GFOX prepares to launch


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The Galaxy Fox team talks about DOGE’s dominant place in the memecoin space and major exponents like PEPE, while also providing details on its upcoming game release.


Pepecoin soared last week, with significant action from traders. The famous meme coin is a year old, but it is still relevant thanks to its popular meme.

This approach to major meme coins like $PEPE and $DOGE is questioned by some skeptics. One of the best meme coins to invest in are those that implement utility models.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) claims to be a strong contender in this field. This project is gearing up to launch its inaugural game in a few days, and its utility meme coin credentials, $GFOX, are attracting widespread interest.

Galaxy Fox closed its pre-sale raising more than USD $6 million and looks to maintain momentum after launch.

A crypto whale inspires the rise of $PEPE

Pepecoin ($PEPE) saw a recent surge, adding an impressive 30%, thanks to the activity from a crypto whale that made transactions worth more than $2 million last week.

Crypto whales are individuals with significant cryptocurrency holdings or capital. Their activity is usually enough to move markets in any direction. These massive trades can affect the activity of smaller traders who want to capitalize on the impact of the whales’ movements.

Pepecoin is based on the famous “Pepe the Frog” meme for its value. He had an explosive rise in mid-2023 thanks to the power of his meme. $PEPE is now one of the top meme coins, but it has not yet eclipsed the more popular Dogecoin, which is the standard for meme coins.

$GFOX pivots to utility focus

Not every new project can be the next Dogecoin. Even a coin with the power of a meme like Pepe could only go so far. This status quo has inspired projects such as Galaxy Fox to take the bold approach of injecting utility into this space.

The Galaxy Fox game launches this week, weeks after $GFOX listed at $0.04 last month on Uniswap. Supporters argue that the $0.04 listing price is a discount relative to the project’s potential, as the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform has a lot to offer its users.

The game will involve raising characters, specifically digital foxes, to participate in exciting battles for the user. These battles come with lucrative token rewards. Additionally, players can collect non-fungible token (NFT) items for even more value.

Betting on the platform will be relatively easy and a secondary platform will be offered to generate income. Users will get gaming rewards but will also benefit from the profitability of betting. Galaxy Fox has a treasury to ensure that the betting pool has sufficient liquidity at all times. This liquidity is crucial to ensure further development of the platform.

$GFOX is available on Uniswap. That being said, market participants expect this meme coin to skyrocket towards the dollar in the coming months. The project’s utility and bold approach are likely to generate strong tailwinds after launch.

For information on $GFOX, visit Galaxyfox.io


Galaxy Fox enters a changing market and injects dynamism to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The structure of the project is innovative and represents a breath of fresh air in the sector.

The $GFOX team is working overtime to ensure all systems are ready for the game’s launch. Successful game development is an intensive affair, and the release is the culmination of months of hard work. Investors can now participate in the project and potentially benefit from its advantages.

Visit the Galaxy Fox website today to learn more about the project ahead of launch.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored note produced by the Galaxy Fox team, hence DailyBitcoin does not endorse or promote the commercial offers, products or services cited throughout the text.

The marketing of cryptocurrencies in the pre-sale phase can be a risky activity, even more so if it is not done through a launchpad or known platform. We recommend that interested parties research more about the project and its value proposition before investing their capital, since any investment carries significant risks.

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