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MSCI added MicroStrategy to its list of assets


The MSCI global index of medium and large companies added the American software solutions firm, MicroStrategy to its exclusive list. This listing occurs amid the powerful growth of the company’s assets supported by the positive performance of Bitcoin. This company is one of the biggest drivers of institutional adoption of the largest cryptocurrency.

He advertisement stipulates that the company’s presence in the indicator will become effective at the close of business on May 31. The update of the MSCI Global Standard Index was also reported in that review report. In that sense, 121 assets were eliminated and 42 new ones were added.

It is highlighted that the three largest additions to the index for this new cycle are MicroStrategy (MSTR), Pure Storage (PSTG) and Emcor Group (EME). These three largest firms by market capitalization are American. The entry of Michael Saylor’s company comes after a surprising rally in recent months.

The company’s shares on the stock market outperformed Bitcoin. It is important to keep in mind that this company has been purchasing cryptocurrencies since 2020, when the price of the token was considerably low. Until now, the firm reports a total of ₿214,000 in its balance sheets.

MicroStrategy Stock Outperforms Bitcoin. Fountain: Yahoo Finance

In a few days the MicroStrategy sign will be available on the MSCI

As already mentioned, the MSCI Global index report will make the incorporation of MicroStrategy effective on May 31. In this way, in a few days investors and analysts will be able to access company data through the index’s advanced tools.

The arrival of MSTR becomes a positive sign that the Bitcoin-based strategy does not go unnoticed. In fact, after being harshly criticized during the 2022 bear market, the company is now receiving praise from all Wall Street analysis houses. Although many of these warn of supposed long-term dangers, they all agree that until now the investment strategy in Bitcoin was the best.

So far in 2024, the price of Bitcoin presents quite notable growth, which joins the outstanding 160% of 2023. The price of each coin, at the time of writing, is $65,000 and is expected to maintain strength at least until 2025.

For its part, MSTR shares, although suffering recent stumbles, maintain a strong performance. Consequently, in January they had an exchange value of $646 dollars per unit. Shortly after opening this Thursday, they are trading at $1,500 per share. In mid-March they reached the annual peak of $1,920 dollars. News that MSCI added MicroStrategy to its global index, along with recent inflation data, sat well with investors.

Within a period of 24 hours, the company’s shares show positive numbers of 16.1%.

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