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OpenAI partners with Reddit to use content from its forums to train AI


By Hannah Perez

The partnership will also bring OpenAI artificial intelligence (AI)-based features to Reddit users. Reddit shares surged more than 10% following the news.


  • Reddit and OpenAI sign an alliance to share content that trains AI
  • As part of the agreement, Reddit will incorporate AI features powered by OpenAI
  • Sam Altman is one of the majority shareholders of Reddit
  • The social network’s shares rose more than 10% after the news

OpenAIthe artificial intelligence startup behind ChatGPT, has signed an agreement with reddit which will allow you to access the content of the social network to train your AI models.

The parties announced the partnership in publications respective websites on Thursday. Reportedly, as part of the collaboration, OpenAI You will be able to access Reddit’s data application programming interface (API) to access real-time content.

This will allow OpenAI’s AI tools to better understand and display Reddit content, especially on recent topics.“, pointed out the partners in the release.

In addition to using the vast history of Internet users’ conversations available in the forums of reddit To make ChatGPT responses more advanced, the agreement will also bring ChatGPT technology OpenAI to the social media platform with the aim of improving the user experience. In particular, the social network will begin to offer certain AI functions to users and moderators, powered by OpenAIwhich will also become an advertising partner of reddit.

Reddit has become one of the Internet’s largest open archives of authentic, relevant, always-updated human conversations about anything”said the co-founder and CEO of redditSteve Huffman, in the statement.

Including it in ChatGPT reaffirms our belief in a connected Internet, helps people find more or what they are looking for, and helps new audiences find a community on Reddit”he added.

The actions of reddit They rose more than 11% in price in extended operations on Thursday after the partnership became known. The shares, which debuted on the stock market in March, are trading around $62 in pre-market trading on Friday, with a gain of 10%, according to data from Yahoo! Finance.

Sam Altman’s ties to reddit

reddit has already signed similar agreements, as is the case of the collaboration that began with Google at the beginning of the year, in which the social network would also provide data to the technology giant to train its AI models, while incorporating artificial intelligence functions powered by Google to users of reddit.

Specific, reddit said at the time that the collaboration would focus on providing Googlemore efficient ways to train models“. That agreement He was supposedly worth $60 million, as he recalls. The Verge.

OpenAI also has several similar licensing deals with content providers ranging from media libraries to news publishers, as reported TechCrunch. Although the association with reddit has the particularity that Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAIhas a huge stake in the social networking company.

With a participation of around USD $750 million, according to CNBC, Altman stands out as one of the main shareholders of reddit. Furthermore, he was also once a member of the company’s board of directors.

To allay concerns, the companies said the partnership had been “led by OpenAI COO, [Brad Lightcap]and approved by its independent board of directors“.

Earlier this week, OpenAI presented the latest version of its AI model: GPT-4o. With improved text, video and audio capabilities, the new system is presented as an improved and faster version of its predecessor. GPT-4o is available free of charge to all users of ChatGPT.

Article by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

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