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SUI and TIA see a bearish outlook, but investors recognize potential in the pre-sale of Milei Moneda


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The Milei Moneda team shares details about their project, while analyzing the drop seen in SUI and TIA prices.


While two cryptocurrencies that were previously trading at a high level, SUI and Celestia (TIA)suffer substantial price drops, the pre-sale of Milei Currency ($MEDA) continues its course.

Its objective is to capitalize on the enormous upside potential in the public pre-sale of Milei Coin. But how will this new meme currency be able to make its way among others? established altcoins? Find the details below!

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Milei Moneda captures the attention of investors

As investors weigh their options in the ever-evolving market, Milei Coin stands out as a compelling option with the potential to break through among well-known exponents of the sector.

Inspired by the irreverent Argentine president Javier Mileithis memecoin is making waves in the crypto landscape with its innovative meme-centric approach.

Currently, in Stage 3 of its pre-sale, Milei Coin offers investors the opportunity to purchase tokens at a altcoin price of $0.015 per coin.

The enthusiasm doesn’t end there, the attractiveness of Milei Coin It also lies in its carefully designed structure. With a total supply of 500 million tokens $MEDAthe project adopts a deflationary model.

By saving the tokens in a fund liquidity, Milei Currency It aims to create scarcity and ensure the long-term value of the asset. This approach not only promotes stability but also improves your investment potential.

Save like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!

SUI’s declining performance raises concerns among investors

The native token of the Sui ecosystem, SUI, had a start to the year promising, experiencing impressive growth and doubling in value. However, the situation has taken a different turn over the last month, as the price of SUI has seen a significant drop of more than 21% due to the general market slowdown.

This underperformance marks SUI’s third consecutive week of losses, dashing initial optimism about its potential to regain momentum. $2 mark and overcome your ATH from $2.18. In addition to this major price drop, SUI’s trading volume also decreased more than 20% last week.

Considering the current market sentiment around SUI, many crypto analysts anticipate a new decrease in its value.

Celestia’s momentum fades

Despite experiencing impressive annual gains of more than 240%Celestia has followed a downward trajectory after its peak in February, mainly due to the setback in the broader market.

In the last seven days, the price of TIA has decreased more than 11%accompanied by a significant drop in its crypto market capitalization.

As a result of this decline, there has been a notable 50% decrease in open interest (OI) in the last month. At the beginning of March, there were long and short positions in TIA futures worth $233 M. This figure has since fallen to just $113 Mless than half the previous level of open interest.

With investor interest waning, industry analysts predict new falls in the TIA price.


While SUI and TIA prices face downward performance, investors find promising profit potential in Milei Coin.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored note produced by the Milei Moneda team, hence DailyBitcoin DOES NOT endorse or promote the commercial offers, products or services cited throughout the text.

The marketing of cryptocurrencies in the pre-sale phase can be a risky activity, even more so if it is not done through a launchpad or known platform. We recommend that interested parties research more about the project and its value proposition before investing their capital, since any investment carries significant risks.

Text and image by Milei Moneda

WARNING: This is an informative article. DiarioBitcoin is a media outlet, it does not promote, endorse or recommend any particular investment. It is worth noting that investments in cryptoassets are not regulated in some countries. They may not be suitable for retail investors as the entire amount invested could be lost. Check the laws of your country before investing.


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