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Worldcoin moves towards open source to protect biometric data


By Hannah Perez

The Worldcoin Foundation said it migrated to a new secure multi-party computing system that allowed it to completely remove iris codes from registered users.


  • Worldcoin Foundation announced new open source system
  • The project makes efforts to provide security over the collection of user data
  • A few weeks ago, the team also made Orb open source

worldcoinSam Altman’s controversial digital identity-focused project, is making a new push toward open source computing in an attempt to further shield its users’ biometric data.

In a Press release This Wednesday, the team Worldcoin Foundation announced the launch of a new open source multi-party computing system that it says can improve the protection of sensitive information, including data generated when people sign up for the project.

The system, now available in a Github repository for use by any organization, aims to set a new standard for data protection, including biometric data protection“, details the note.

Launched in 2023, worldcoin proposes a unique identity identification system based on iris image, a model that, according to its promoters, is infallible in proving humanity and will be valuable in a world increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence (AI), offering a useful solution for differentiate humans from robots.

To do this, the company uses a device called orb, –which takes photos of the retina and has already been installed in cities around the world. People who register with their so-called “world ID” receive WLD tokens.

worldcoin strives to protect user data

The new secure multi-party computing (SMPC) system is responsible for encrypting the iris codes in secret actions that They are safely distributed in different locations. “It can be thought of as taking a secret and sharing it in multiple fragments between different parties to increase protection“said the organization.

The team indicated that has migrated to the new system, which has allowed you to permanently delete older iris codes that you previously collected using your devices orb.

The Worldcoin Foundation, together with the contributing technologists of TACEO and Tools for Humanity, have successfully designed a new implementation of SMPC to address scale and cost limitations that have previously hindered others“adds the note.

Last month, the project had already announced that registered users could request the company to delete their iris codes and be sure that they would be permanently removed from the system.

worldcoin had already moved towards open source in marchwhen he allowed the Developers can review software components orb in Github. The developments are part of the project’s recent efforts to convey greater confidence amid what has been intense regulatory scrutiny across multiple countries.

Among the measures, worldcoin released a few weeks ago personal custody”, a feature that gives new users more control over their data and seeks allay concerns related to the collection and storage of personal data.

The main developer behind the project is Tools for Humanitywhich was co-founded by the CEO of OpenAI (ChatGPT developer), Sam Altman. The price of WLD, the native token, is around USD $4.95, with a modest drop of 0.46% in the last 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Article by Hannah Estefanía Pérez / DailyBitcoin

Edited image of Unsplashwith logo worldcoin

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